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Floating lines

Are you looking for floating lines? Then we can help you.

We make custom floating lines and are happy to think along with you about the specifications of the floating line.

What do we do

If you want to use a floating ball line for, for example: fencing off swimming water or as a marking, area demarcation or temporary cordon, we can help you.

The C.I.V. floating lines are tailor-made and are durable, strong and for all seasons.

We have many shapes and sizes of floats (the balls), and in different colors in stock.

The floats are mounted at the desired mutual distance. If you do not know exactly what distance this should be for your situation, we can advise you without obligation.

We are also happy to help you when it comes to anchoring the floating lines, the materials, the color, and all your other questions about our floating lines.

We not only make custom floating lines, but repair, storage, rental and installation are also among our options.

You will find our floating lines throughout the Netherlands at open swimming water associations, wet contractors, diving clubs, municipalities, water boards, government, and research institutions.

Request your quote now or contact us for the possibilities.


An impression

Our floating lines are tailor-made for every request. This is done in our net shed where we have many floats and cables in stock.

Our employees are true craftsmen who have turned their floating lines skills into a craft.

We can process your request quickly and manufacture the custom floating lines for you.

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Niels Van Heugten
Niels Van Heugten
3 Tipto Twelve landvasten besteld: perfect geholpen aan de telefoon, en snel geleverd. Perfect gesplitst en mooi afgewerkt met beschermband, andere kant mooie eindsplits. Super Servië en zeer intressante prijzen !!!!
George Zwart
George Zwart
Geschikte zaak voor alle scheep en pleziervaart.
Peter Kieft
Peter Kieft
Uitgebreide sortering
cees bakker
cees bakker
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