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Custom nets

We help individuals and companies and can design, manufacture and repair any type of net.

Do you have a specific request, or do you want to know a price indication for your network? Then contact us without obligation.

What we do

The C.I.V. are specialists in custom-made nets. Real craftsmen work in our net attic who can manufacture any net.

With a very extensive range of network, ropes and yarns in our range, we can make a tailor-made offer for every request.

Besides making nets, we can also help you design nets. If you are not sure which net is best suited for your project, one of our specialists will be happy to help.

Of course we can also help if your net needs to be repaired. In our net attic, our craftsmen can expertly repair the nets so that your net can be used again.

We have a lot of experience in making fishing nets. But we also supply our networks to other sectors.

For example, we are one of the most important suppliers / designers of research nets for fisheries and nature research.

And we have collaborated with nature park Lelystad to provide an outdoor cage for their storks with nets. In this cage, which is no less than 28 meters wide and 7 meters high, the storks are allowed to get used to their “free” existence.

We also realize many custom requests. From covering fish ponds and sand and landfill sites to making sports nets. No request is too crazy or too small for us.

So are you looking for a supplier, designer, manufacturer or repairer of:

  • Shrimp nets
  • Twin or quad rignets
  • Bottom trawling net
  • staant nets
  • Research nets
  • Birdnets
  • Fish pond nets
  • Sportsnets
  • Or any other kind of net.

Then the C.I.V Den Oever can help you.


An impression

Our sea fishing nets are used by fishermen in the Netherlands and abroad. By using high-quality yarn, nets and ropes, you are assured of a net that you can use for years to fish.

In our gallery you will find some examples of marine fishing nets that we have made. If you have a request, please contact us.

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Niels Van Heugten
Niels Van Heugten
3 Tipto Twelve landvasten besteld: perfect geholpen aan de telefoon, en snel geleverd. Perfect gesplitst en mooi afgewerkt met beschermband, andere kant mooie eindsplits. Super Servië en zeer intressante prijzen !!!!
George Zwart
George Zwart
Geschikte zaak voor alle scheep en pleziervaart.
Peter Kieft
Peter Kieft
Uitgebreide sortering
cees bakker
cees bakker
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