You can go to C.I.V. Den Oever for

Bunkerstation "Jan"

Do you need gas oil or lubricating oil or do you want to hand in your bilge water.

This is possible at the Bunkerstation in Den Oever.

What we do

CIV Den Oever owns Bunkerstation “Jan” in Den Oever. Here you can go for all your resources for at sea.

We supply high quality ULSD ChangeXL gas oil for commercial shipping. As extra care and security, the oil first passes a magnetic filter before it leaves our bunkering station so that any bacteria are neutralized. After this, the oil goes through an extra filter for any other contaminants. This way you can be sure that you can sail safely and without problems. Unfortunately we cannot help recreational craft with gas oil.

Lubricating Oil:
We also have various brands and types of lubricating oil in stock. Our range includes Texaco, Fina, Q8, Shell and in different packaging 1, 5, 20, 60 and 200 liters.

If you use a different lubricating oil than described above, you can always call us to see if we have it in stock by accident.

Bilge KGA:
You can also hand in KGA and bilge water from shipping to us. SFAV and SAB members can submit this for free, for non-members we use very reasonable rates.
We manage MAIN’s HOI (Haven Reception Installation).

The Den Oever bunker station is located in the harbor of Den Oever in front of our shop. In our C.I.V. shop you can find many other products that you can use on your boat. Check out our shop.



Bunker station Den Oever is located in the harbor of Den Oever in front of our C.I.V. store.

You can sail here or you can make an appointment for us to come to you. Call our telephone number for this: +31 227 512144.

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Niels Van Heugten
Niels Van Heugten
3 Tipto Twelve landvasten besteld: perfect geholpen aan de telefoon, en snel geleverd. Perfect gesplitst en mooi afgewerkt met beschermband, andere kant mooie eindsplits. Super Servië en zeer intressante prijzen !!!!
George Zwart
George Zwart
Geschikte zaak voor alle scheep en pleziervaart.
Peter Kieft
Peter Kieft
Uitgebreide sortering
cees bakker
cees bakker
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